International pop artist confronts alter-egos
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MTV featured single

      Los Angeles, CA – Known for her sexy gangster demeanor on stage, dance/pop singer Mina Koo dropped a brand new music video for her latest single “More Than A Crush” after its debut on MTV. The party smash comes as the lead single off the singer’s recently released self-titled album, which is heating up the local music scene right now.
      Directed by Jeremy Lynn, the video follows the conceptual idea of Mina exploring different sides of her personality while she interacts with each of her alter egos in various locations. Wearing a silky pink two-piece, Mina performs a seductive dance under an iridescent spotlight and is also seen pulling her male character into an enthralling trance. Showcasing her two other personas, Mina sports a black outfit and white face paint to depict her mysterious side and a white lacy dress representing her innocence. The goal of the video is to portray “the dichotomy between multiple personalities: light vs. dark and breaking free from yourself,” Mina explained.
     Complimented by an infectious beat, the song pulsates under electrifying club synths while Mina rounds it off with her signature catchy melodies, provocative lyrics, and tasty vocals. Inspired by the excitement of the urban nightlife and her worldly relations, Mina writes songs that combine universal life experiences and uniquely creative expressions, making it appealing to both men and women, young and old. While the Korea born performer spent time in exotic corners of the globe such as the UK, Turkey, China, Japan and Seoul, she found solace and stability in her music. Fueling her desires to be a singer while growing up was her aunt, a bona fide musician. She later got identified with more established influences such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Shakira.
     After moving to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams, Mina embarked on a mission to make fans out of locals performing at popular Hollywood venues, such as The Roxy, Rainbow, Key Club, The Mint and The Viper Room, as well as at wider LA areas such as Long Beach, Pasadena, and Glendale – and so far, the locals are loving what they hear. Stay up-to-date on Mina’s moves by visiting and “liking” her band profile on Facebook, and following her on Twitter @ Mina_MinaS. Music is available to download at iTunes. Also deluxe version of her album available on Bandcamp, at http://mina.bandcamp.com/album/mina.

Watch video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNh80ZddKg&feature=youtu.be

Lyrics @ http://www.onlylyrics.com/mina-koo-lyrics-1106080.php

Song/Video Credits:
- Featured on MTV (Challenge: Battle of the Exes ep. 2301)
- Nominated as the best dance song 2012 @ Hollywood Music in Media Awards
- Places at "Lady Beard" (indie film by Apartment 2B productions)
- Club Remix from DJ Synthinel @ 
---- Song by Björn Zetterström & Mina Koo (http://www.MinaMinaKoo.com)
---- Video Produced by Jeremy Lynn (
---- Inspiration by Jeremy Lynn & Mina Koo
---- Wardrobe by SSS Apparel (
---- Make-up design by Ann Beckette (
---- Special thanks to Didi Tospon and Toktam Aboozary, for acting the doubles.