International pop artist Mina Koo has teamed up with Direct-to-Fan platform BandCamp, as well as global non-profit organization Keep A Breast (KAB) foundation, in efforts to increase breast cancer awareness.  Having lost her grandmother to breast cancer herself, Mina is very passionate about the cause.  She recalls the unconditional love she experienced in her grandma’s arms as being elementary in helping her to remain focused and complete recording of her first release. From each purchase of her critically acclaimed dance-pop album, “Mina,” $2 goes to KAB, which helps to educate 10 more people about breast cancer.

    Please support @; You'll be credited in Mina’s next album, as well as receive her personal note of thanks!

Deep appreciation goes towards fans and friends, who have shown support for the album at Bandcamp:
YongMoo Kim, Matthew Brown, Yong J Cho, Yasmine Arshia, Lyubov Shteyn, Jeremy Lynn, Maatyce Riley, Amanda Blide, youhanna, Cleo, Jonathan, Bree, George McKinney, Haoyue Kuang,  Yori Ramsey, Davide Succi,  Clara Bellino,  Richard Price, Carl-Anders Stjernlöf, Aeji Kim, Andre Rainey, Fermon Broome, James L Cunningham

Special Thanks to Jamal Curtis Jones for shooting the campaign video, Matthew Robert Brown for the write-up, and Selena Tenorio-Lawrence for coordinating the campaign


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